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“The one who blesses others is abundantly blessed; those who help others are helped.” Proverbs 11:25 Message Bible

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 is "Copyright" 2013-2021 & Beyond 4 FasTrack Ministries.

We are Helping men, women, boys & girls to reach their God Destiny with a hand up! 

LET'S PUT THE "JOY"  and  "God destiny" BACK IN PEOPLE!!

When on your cell, you have to scroll down to the bottom of this/ALL Web pages, click on Blue "classic" link (bottom of) this page to be in RIGHT format for proper viewing, and for BEST Viewing, hold your cell sideways like watching TV or a video...

HELLO FRIENDS, The most exciting time in a person's life is how great it feels to help fill another's need. We here at FasTrack Ministries are Making an impact in our neighborhoods, cities and states, in our corner of the world We are located in USA, Columbus/Worthington, OHwhere we live in to help other people is what we are about. As you continue to read you will grasp how we are wanting to really help people in our local area-- and you can be a huge part on helping us be problem solvers by "One person at a time" (either thru volunteering and or giving financially)...

YOU have no need to go anywhere else on the Web, or look any further than this Website-- because here at FasTrack Ministries, we are here to provide YOU with all the needs and hope in the void that is God 'placed' in your life--for Him and Him alone sir/ma'am, and to be a problem solver for others. Chaplain DOYLE Thomas has been through what many readers are going though in this challenging life-- and he was permanently set FREE from life challenges beyond human interventions. At FasTrack Ministries, YOU Our Online Reader, will get the entire life story with unbelievable pictures of our founder's life of disaster that he got into-- that put him in a life altering situation, that had him DEAD and brought back to the living!! NOW, Chaplain DOYLE lives a Miraculous life on this earth as an Eternal Life Coach Ordained by the Lord (new tab) and is Creator and WebDesigner of, a Founding Father of this Online Ministry that has been seen in over 160 Countries!! (new tab) With a 20+ year active/legit Non-Profit. (new tab)

We commit to each person according to his or her need. You therefore need not carry your spiritual burdens any longer on your own and we are ready to help you... we have been used by God in transforming people’s life in the society and environment ONE person at a time! You don’t have to carry your burdens you carry on your own anymore, because we are here to help YOU and put a smile on YOUR face with fun and HOPE, restoring a better life for YOU!! When you get your spiritual needs met, then it is so rewarding to help our vision of helping people in our area.

Chaplain DOYLE Thomas  (on left praying in a Drag Racing Awards Dinner Banquet), at FasTrack Ministries we show all of us Online Readers and Partners of THIS Ministry, on the Award Winning Website about Our Ministry IS a Website for Everyone! 1. A Dead Raising Miraculous Story 2. Confirming Prophetic messages Propelling Chaplain DOYLE Thomas in this Ministry for Helping Others in need 3. Online Ministry to help everyone alive: "Spiritually Worldwide" 4. AND super fun and entertaining Motor Sport: Drag Racing!

AND with ALL of this knowledge and wisdom in life we will give YOU to make YOUR life better from the #1 Book of all time, the Bible which is focused towards helping ALL people in society and world to give YOU, our reader a sense of a belonging to a big family-- by donating money to our Ministry that will make a huge difference in people's lives, helping us HELP people change lives "ONE person at a time".

At FasTrack Ministries we are pleased in delivering results with objectivity and integrity with the love, respect and the reverential fear of our Eternal Loving God.

Nehemiah 8:10-- "The Joy of the Lord is YOUR Strength"!!  IF the devil can NOT steal the people we are giving a hand up (because YOU are helping us) THEIR JOY, THEN he CAN NOT STEAL THEIR/YOUR STRENGTH!!

Our Goal

There is plenty of organizations providing positive impacts on human life and society. Like The Red Cross, The Salvation Army, Billy Graham, etc. We at FasTrack Ministries are right there with this group—ALSO helping in our own local area:
 “Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begins”... Zechariah 4:10, New Living Translation Bible.

These Organizations and Ministries at one time started smaller than what we are now at FasTrack Ministries, and because people backed them through regular giving--to help others—they are now helping thousands and more daily!! That is our goal too. As the Lord gave us this Ministry to help others... that is what Ministry means: “Helping Others, or Serving Others”...

Your Goal

Let each one give [thoughtfully and with purpose] just as he has decided in his heart, not grudgingly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver [and delights in the one whose heart is in his gift]. (2 Corinthians 9:7, Amplified Bible)

Because as you give shall you receive. It is important that you have to invest your resources in helping those that need your help because as you are doing so, you will be blessed. FasTrack Ministrieshas great miracle potential, so when you are giving to FasTrack Ministriesthe fruits and abundance blessings will flow in your life from the Lord above in Heaven (James 1:17).

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On FasTrack Ministries, we are getting in MIRACLE testimonies of people who mailed to us-- in quite regularly. God loves it when you mix praying with giving!! Using your faith He gave you already (Romans 12:2 measure of faith) by giving Him something back money wise— He moves Heaven and Earth to give YOU the miracle blessing YOU so desperately need in life!! When giving to the Lord (through a God Ministry like ours), it leaves YOUR hand BUT never YOUR LIFE!! Yourself, a couple, a family— marriages restored, healings from any and ALL cancers, alzheimer’s and any disease known to Drs.-- deliverance from drugs and alcohol, pornography— YOU NAME IT, our God, our Creator HAS AN ANSWER TO ALL OF THEM-- AND IT IS HAPPENING THROUGH OUR MINISTRY AND AWARD WINNING WEBSITE WORLDWIDE!! AS PEOPLE ARE GETTING SET FREE WITH MIRACLES AND BLESSINGS WHEN GIVING TO OUR MINISTRY!

Our Projects

Our goal is to help men, women, boys and girls-- 
families-- to be living a normal relationship that millions of Americans enjoy DAILY; FREE from their life challenges and burdens of LACK and also give desires to everyone a reason to smile and have hope and a Destiny!!

Life is tough. Life is NOT fair sometimes. We all make mistakes. Sometimes it is health where people lose their income. Sometimes it is loss of a job or career. Sometimes those decisions get people in life-altering stages-- WHERE WE NEED SOMEONE TO GIVE US A 'HAND UP' WITH RESOURCES TO MAKE FAMILIES WHOLE AND SUCCESSFUL AGAIN WITH OUR GOD GIVEN MINISTRY TO HELP OTHERS!!

Here at FasTrack Ministries, we are asking for funding/donations/gifts to have 2 half-way houses to assist men, women, boys and girls, and families IN THEIR NEED THEY CARRY, AND WE WILL HELP LIFT THOSE BURDENS WITH YOUR HELPING BY GIVING Eduation SO WE CAN BE A PROBLEM SOLVER FOR OTHERS IN THEIR NEED.

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Habakkuk 2:2:..."write the 'Vision' and make it plain"...-- To be able to do the 'Vision' the Lord gave Chaplain DOYLE Thomas nearly 30 years ago, to help others with deliverance of the world's burdens, and give all races a sense of an accomplishment in life-- men and women a fulfilled life on this earth with their God Given Destiny He placed in them (Jeremiah 1:5) with purpose to be a problem solver for others!! This was spoken to him through Prophet Forte confirming what the Lord gave Chaplain Doyle last July 19, 2015. Apostle Johnson Suleman spoke to Chaplain DOYLE -video HERE(new tab)--SO THIS IS WHAT OUR MINISTRY IS DOING TO HELP OTHERS, THAT WE NEED DONATIONS OF EVERY PERSON READING THIS, FOR the purchase of:

Two half–way houses (1 on SOUTH Side of Columbus, OH.; 1 on WEST side of Columbus) for every single person and family 'wanting' help and a hand up to be successful in their life journey on this earth.

Video showing exactly what our South Side Columbus, OH. 2nd. video we will helping in this flesh demonic action. Our 2 Half-Way House will "DO" in helping these prostitutes that want a hand-up in deliverance WANTING education, THAT gets these valuable women out of the hands of the flesh devil thru these Johns--"to give them their right direction for their God Destiny!"

• The half-way house allows us to have refuge for getting Human Trafficking, Prostitutes, Drug addicts and those who were once Institutionalized-- off the streets and show them the Love of Jesus, and get these men and women jobs, and, educate these men and women with another chance/opportunity in a trade and schools and colleges that is with the Lord's Destiny for THEM by Assisting them through scholarships and grants.


Providing  food  to  the  hungry people in our local area of Columbus, OH. and State of Ohio. Someday very soon, a huge goal would be  helping all 50 states of feeding. NO person,  especially  children  should  NOT  go  to bed hungry-- they do NOT understand...

• Providing nice Clothing for men, women, boys and girls.

• GIVE YOUR HEARTS DESIRE TO HELP RAISE $100,000 up-to $5 MILLION TO ACCOMPLISH this and all Visions of helping all races of people from the video and the pictures making the God Vision reality!! Every Penny, every Dollar is needed from sweet people like YOU, so we can help people, and by YOU giving, YOU are helping us just like YOU are here!! We believe here at: FasTrackMinistries,  when YOU give to our worthy cause, your great seed of help, will NOT leave YOUR life, BUT goes into YOUR future "where it multiplies to help YOU more"!! We believe YOU will receive 1,000 fold return on YOUR Investment/Donation/Gift according to God's Word in Deuteronomy 1:11 when YOU give YOUR best money gift!! 

"What YOU make happen for others, God will make happen for YOU"!! 

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