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FasTrack Merchandise FREE 4 Donations HERE, Created in house by Chaplain DOYLE Thomas.prints out FasTrack Logo on T-Shirts and other Gifts with FasTrack Merchandise & is USA made. Pics, Logos, Page Writing Content, & Christmas Trees is "Copyright" 2013-2018 & Beyond 4 FasTrack Ministries.

YOUTUBE VIDEOs for FasTrack Ministries & Team FasTrack & Chaplain DOYLE Thomas

Chaplain DOYLE was on Nat'l. ESPN TV--slow motion video of actual live video

Real time live video with John Kernan ESPN Drag Racing analyst with Team FasTrack & Chaplain DOYLE

NOT all of Prophesy was recorded by Prophet Forte

Apostle Johnson Suleman just got off a 15 hour flight from his home country of Nigeria, at 2:56pm Chicago time he walked out on the platform of the church... at 3:44 of video at Chicago Miracle Crusade November 23, 2015, Apostle Johnson Suleman points right to me and says "where are you from?" I SAY: (not audible on video) Columbus, OH APOSTLE SAYS: Come, can I pray for you? I SAY: Of course you can pray for me. (not audible) APOSTLE SAYS: Are you a preacher? Sir? I SAY: An ordained chaplain. APOSTLE SAYS: Huh? Can I pray with you? I SAY: Yes you may, that is what I came for. APOSTLE SAYS: I just feel led to pray for you. I SAY: praise the Lord. APOSTLE SAYS: Get down there, get down there, then Apostle turns around and says to me-- I like what you are wearing. I SAY: Oh, Thank You! APOSTLE SAYS: I like what your wearing--I want to pray with you now. APOSTLE SAYS: (not audible on video) but after listening to this dozens of times, I pick out on audio and remember what Apostle says "God is going to take you to another level and and God is going to help you". APOSTLE SAYS: You have labored and labored, you have labored for the Lord. Can talk to you? I SAY: You may. APOSTLE SAYS: I had I had something in the realm of the spirit. I had something like Doyle... I SAY: Yes, Chaplain Doyle APOSTLE SAYS: Doyle I SAY: Yes. APOSTLE SAYS: Doyle Thomas I SAY: Chaplain Doyle Thomas APOSTLE SAYS: What's your name? I SAY: Chaplain Doyle Thomas. APOSTLE SAYS: I saw you in the realm of the spirit, I saw you in the realm of the spirit sir; and God is saying "What you couldn't do in 20 years, your gonna do it in 20 weeks!" (20 weeks from Nov. 23, 2015 is April 11, 2016) APOSTLE SAYS: You have labored and labored, I saw you in the realm of the spirit 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 51, you are 51--you are 51 years. I SAY: You are correct. APOSTLE SAYS: Huh? I SAY: I will be 52 June 27. APOSTLE SAYS: June 27 you'll be 52, but now?.... I SAY: I am 51. APOSTLE SAYS: I saw you in the realm of the spirit, I was born to do this--can I do what I was born to do? APOSTLE SAYS: I saw something in the realm of the spirit, I saw something...when you were born something happened to you, let me talk to you--when you were born, when you were born something happened--let me tell your birth was a miracle, I hear something in the realm like Upper Sandoosky?. APOSTLE SAYS: Do you know of a place call Upper Doousky? I SAY: Upper Sandusky, Upper Sandusky, OH. Upper Sandusy, OH. (where I was born) APOSTLE SAYS: I saw in the realm of the spirit, when you were small you were sick, when you were small you was afflicted in your body, but the hand of God has been upon your life--I saw a pattern in your family that needs to be broken... APOSTLE SAYS: I saw a woman in your life and something happened, but you are of no more...your wife something happened...I am not seeing her with you right now as I speak, but God is showing something is going to happen... APOSTLE SAYS: Do you know somebody by the name of Dawn? I SAY: Dawn? APOSTLE SAYS: Dawn. I SAY: Dawn is my older sister. APOSTLE SAYS: Do you know Dee (my middle sister) Dia? Dia? Dia? I SAY: Dia is my youngest sister. APOSTLE SAYS: Prays in tongues, I hear something in the realm of the spirit, in the month of February ........................Ohio will hear the voice of God through you! APOSTLE SAYS: All your pain, at times you sit down and you not happy--this is not were I should be in life--all your pain will be turned to gain--GOD SAID TO TELL YOU, YOUR TIME HAS COME! To start an Omega Fire Ministries Ohio, Columbus location Bible Study, please contact Chaplain Doyle Thomas at: OmegaFireMinistriesOhio@gmail.com We will organize & schedule a time and day and/or night we can be together at a location weekly. THE Holy Ghost GOAL IS, TO GET ENOUGH MONEY DONATED TO PURCHASE A BUILDING TO HAVE A SANCTUARY TO HOLD CHURCH SERVICES, AND APOSTLE JOHNSON SULEMAN WILL HOLD MEETINGS HERE IN OUR BEAUTIFUL CITY OF COLUMBUS, OHIO!! www.FasTrackMinistries.com/OmegaFireMinistriesOhio.php Omega Fire Columbus, OH. Webpage (fb page, Twitter page, YouTube, Donate page, Apostle Johnson Bio, etc)

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